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Our Simple 4 Step Process

  • Request An Appointment

  • Telemedicine Visit With One of Our Physicians

  • We Connect You Directly to the Dispensary

  • Prescription Delivered

4 Easy Ways to Request Your Appointment

  1. Fill out the Appointment Request Box below
  2. Self schedule on our EMR site by clicking HERE HERE
  3. Call us at 516-499-4891
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    We Are Here to Guide You

    • We take great care in evaluating each one of our patients.      
    • Each treatment plan is unique to your needs.
    • Treatment plans are a team effort between you and your physician.
    • You can feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns with your physician and with our staff.

    What To Expect From The EmeraldMD Experience

    1 - Getting Started

    1. Get An Appointment: 
    2. We will send you our new patient paperwork
    3. All documents are uploaded directly to your medical record

    2 - Your First Appointment

    What Texas Law Requires For Medical Cannabis Approval

    • State ID to prove that you are a Texas Resident
    • Documentation of an eligible diagnosis

    You can upload your proof of diagnosis directly to our HIPAA Compliant Patient Portal or we can call your physician and have them send it to us

    What To Expect During Your First Visit

    1. During your initial telemedicine appointment, you will see a physician who will evaluate your medical history and discuss treatments plan options, risks, and benefits with you.
    2. As a team, you and your physician will decide on a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs

    After your appointment

    The physician will submit the required info so you can get approved for Medical Cannabis

    3 - Your Prescription

    1. We send your prescription directly to a State Licensed Dispensary
    2. The Dispensary will call you to finalize your prescription.
    3. The Dispensary will dispense your medication and arrange delivery or pickup based on your preference

    4 - Follow-Up

    Why You Need It 

    Follow-up appointments will ensure you and the physician continue to evaluate the dosage and monitor for any side effects

    Follow up is required by law at regular intervals for patient safety.

    All our patients are continually monitored for any adverse effects or intolerances.

    This is done according to the same guidelines used with any other prescription medication.

    Predictable Follow Up Routines

    •  If your dose is titrated, we will see you back in 30 days to evaluate dose tolerance and/ or changes


    • Once you are on a maintenance dose we only need to see you back every 90 days for an evaluation to send out your next script.

    Patient Satisfaction

    We Pride Ourselves on our Patient Experience and welcome any feedback about your care, providers and our clinic.