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Classes For Prescribers and Medical Cannabis Business Consulting

Many physicians find themselves confused or apprehensive about the laws, dosing, and requirements involved in prescribing Medical Cannabis.

We offer educational classes for providers and healthcare institutions looking to learn more about setting up their practice to prescribe Medical Cannabis.

Our classes provide a comprehensive overview on topics related to:

  • pharmacology
  • dosing
  • legal implications of prescribing within the state of Texas.  

Save time by learning all the topics you need to know in one concise class, including:

  • Basics of Cannabis plant
  • The Endocannabinoid system and its role in the human body
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • The Texas Compassionate Use Program
  • Laws governing the prescription of Medical Cannabis in the State of Texas
  • Qualifying diagnoses
  • Dosing schedules
  • The dispensary system
  • Business strategies for your clinic

For those providers that want to take it a step further, we also offer consulting services to get your clinic started.


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