Who We Are

We are A Medical Cannabis Clinic dedicated to treating patients with a qualifying medical diagnosis in the state of Texas. Our organization is committed to furthering research and education on the benefits cannabis can offer to health and wellness.

Our Mission

Fair Access

We believe in fair access to the benefits of Medical Cannabis for patients with qualifying diagnoses in the State of Texas.

Equal Access

Equalizing healthcare access across all patient populations is important to our mission. We strive to manage costs so we can pass the savings on to our patients.

Improving Safety in Medical Treatments

We believe Medical Cannabis has the potential to offer a safer alternative to opioids and can offer a safer alternative in the treatment of conditions that cause chronic pain and anxiety.

The Future- Hope for Patients Suffering

As the world faces an ever-growing Mental Health Crisis, we envision a future where Medical Cannabis is explored as a treatment option to increase quality of life for those suffering with chronic mental health issues

How We Are Different

More than a Medical Cannabis Clinic

We believe that access to Medical Cannabis can offer a safer alternative in the treatment of many different medical and psychological processes. Our vision involves expanding research and raising awareness of the benefits of Medical Cannabis. To further this mission, we are involved in provider education services for physicians and healthcare institutions and are committed to furthering research that can help additional patient populations.

How We Remove Barriers to Care

Medical Cannabis is not currently covered by health insurance companies but utilizing the telemedicine platform helps us control clinic costs and pass that savings on to our patients.

Flexible business hours allow us to reach patients who would otherwise have factors that limit access healthcare.  

Many patients fear asking their providers about Medical Cannabis, which is why we are a clinic dedicated to this patient need. Patients do not need a physician to refer them and can feel free to seek more information about the benefits of Medical Cannabis at our clinic.

Patients will never be billed if they are found not to have a qualifying condition or are unable to be approved for a Medical Cannabis prescription.

We offer sliding scale billing for patients who are concerned about affording their healthcare.

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