Medical Cannabis Telemedicine Clinic

We are a Medical Cannabis Clinic dedicated to treating patients with a Qualifying Medical Diagnosis in the state of Texas.

Our organization is committed to furthering research and education on the benefits Cannabis can offer to health and wellness.

If you Don't Qualify You Don't Pay

Patients who are unable to qualify for a prescription are not charged for their office visit

The Emerald Experience®

We are  a concierge wellness facility dedicated specifically to Medical Marijuana Therapies.  

As a client of our clinic you always have:

  • Access to direct messaging with our staff
  • Telemedicine and flexible appointment hours that meet the demands of any schedule.
  • Payment Options to meet your budget.
  • Wellness Plan Options that make it easy and affordable to keep up with your follow-up appointments so you never miss a refill.

Our Mission

Fair Access

We believe in fair access to the benefits of Medical Cannabis (also called Medical Marijuana or MMJ) 

Equal Access

Equalizing healthcare access across all patient populations is important to our mission.

We strive to manage costs so we can pass the savings on to our patients.

A Safer Alternative

We believe Medical Cannabis has the potential to help healthcare providers manage chronic medical and physiological conditions with less side effects.

 It is our hope that MMJ will eventually offer an alternative to opioids and benzodiazepines in the treatment of conditions that cause chronic pain and anxiety. 

Hope For Mental Health

Texas recently added PTSD to the list of conditions that qualify for Medical Cannabis prescriptions.  This is a big step forward for patients suffering with chronic anxiety.  

We envision a future where MMJ will be an acceptable tool to combat the Mental Health Crisis that looms over us globally.

EmeraldMD Provider Education

Our vision involves expanding research and raising awareness

We are proud to offer Emerald Provider Education®

Our Physician Start-up Classes® are designed to educate physicians who are looking to start their own practice and begin prescribing Medical Cannabis.

Our Understanding Medical Cannabis Classes® are for any healthcare provider or facility looking for training on topics in Medical Cannabis.

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