Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need For My Appointment?

Texas Law requires a valid photo ID and documentation of an eligible diagnosis to qualify for CUP (The Compassionate Use Program). Think of CUP as a digital Medical Marijuana Card. Per state law, all patients who qualify are entered into the DPS database for CUP. After approval in the system, you are legally allowed to use State approved cannabis products for medical purposes in accordance with your prescription, as long as you remain under the care of a State Licensed Physician. The cannabis products approved for medical use contain higher levels of THC than those available in CBD products over the counter and are obtained from one of the Texas State Licensed Dispensaries.

What Can I Use For ID?

A drivers license, passport or state issued ID are the most commonly used forms if ID.

How Do I Get My Prescription?

After you are approved we can send the prescription to the State Licensed Dispensary of your choice. Don't have one in mind? We can help!

What Happens After My Prescription is Sent?

Depending on the protocols of the dispensary you will either be able to pick it up or have it delivered. Some dispensaries will even call you to set up the prescription and delivery, so it is a seamless and easy experience!

Why Do I Need Follow-up?

Follow-up appointments will ensure you and the physician continue to evaluate the dosage and monitor for any side effects, it is also required by law at regular intervals for patient safety and to legally renew your prescription.